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What does a programming poser look like?

There are a lot of technology amateurs out there posing as experts. How can tell what a technology/programming poser looks like?

Gets excited about technology and ignores results. A true professional knows that technology is only a means to an end, not the end itself. But lots of posers get caught up in the "coolness factor". Unfortunately, many "cool" things will not improve your business. Posers don't understand this.

Undirected troubleshooting. I once worked with a consultant who would try to randomly change things when she ran into a technical problem. A poser doesn’t understand the technology he/she is working with, and therefore has to resort to troubleshooting techniques that are inefficient and often unproductive. Professionals are effective at finding resolutions to problems in a systematic and thoughtful manner, because they understand how the underlying technology works.

Gives up when faced with a challenge. Amateurs will often quickly give up when faced with a technical challenge. I've seen consultants spend 5 minutes on a problem, and then basically tell the customer to "live with it". A professional will work hard to find the answer, and if they fail they will at least find alternatives to consider.
Have you ever seen a software poser? How could you tell they weren’t a true professional?

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