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Why I love that you found a bug (really!)

bug_resized I hate bugs in my code and want to squash them. RIGHT NOW.


When you report that you have found a bug, that means you’ve been testing.

And it means that you have tested the code sufficiently to discover something I didn’t find. So you probably did more than just log-in.

And that makes me happy. I love it when you care enough about the application to give it a good work out. I want this software to be good, and it can only be good if you help. Without your efforts, the software will suck. Big time.

(You would be amazed at how much software goes untested. Really. You would also be amazed at how frequently software goes unused. This is one of those crazy mind-bending puzzles, like if a program is written in a forest but no one uses it, did it ever exist. Or something.)

So go right ahead and tell me about that bug. Even if I temporarily look sad because I briefly think about how much I hate bugs, that will quickly pass as I realize how great it is that you are testing the application. Yeah!

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