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Do you need high responsiveness from your consultant?

Not all businesses do, but it can certainly come in handy. I recently got a call from one of my clients with an urgent request to hide a particular feature from users while they spent some time reviewing it. The issue was that their process to prevent misuse of their site had allowed a bad actor through, resulting in some fraud for a legitimate user. Yikes!

Because this client is a regular support client, I provide a high level of responsiveness for their requests. I was able to adjust their application and get the solution deployed in less than half a day.

When hiring a software consultant or team, consider what level of responsiveness they offer, and also what you might need. I have known clients who were frustrated because their needs were too small to be prioritized by their vendor in a timely fashion. Waiting days or weeks or longer for urgent requests may not be a good option for your business.

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Avonelle is an incredibly talented software developer. She works fast, is economical, and offers great insights into the project at hand. She is also not afraid to speak up when she has concerns about a decision or approach. We’ve utilized her talents on many of our software development projects over the years.

Carrie Rocha, Chief Operating Officer @ HousingLink